Wooden balcony doors

Wooden balcony doors are the undisputed choice of a quality contemporary home.

HAUFEN® has several series (68mm, 78mm, 92mm) in a traditional or modern line to enjoy safety, insulation, functionality and reliability. Wooden balcony doors have a catalytic effect in shaping the ideal microclimate in the living space every day.


Grade A’ Malaysian Dark Red Meranti (550 kg/m3), dried at 9° to 11°C moisture. For some types of balcony doors, it is imperative to use plywood instead of solid wood in order to achieve optimum durability.

More information about timber available here.


Cross section 68 x 81mm. Depending on the customer’s requirements, they are manufactured in slim series as well as in reinforced profiles of 78 and 92mm.

Glass panes

Double heat-insulating energy crystals. HAUFEN has adopted the low emissivity panes as a Standard to ensure that all of its wooden windows achieve a heat conductivity index that outweighs the modern building energy specifications.


Handles of HOPPE, Secustic series in titanium, silver, bronze, brown, white. Many other types of handles are available as optional.


Cross section 68 x 81mm from 3-ply laminated wood.


German hardware of the leading companies ROTO (NT series) or G-U. Siegenia or ROTO for sliding / folding doors, with anti-corrosion protection. The standard equipment of the opening windows feature an opening and tilt function, automatic espagnolette on the left-hand side of the two-leaf, tilt safety and plastic hinges in various colours.

Sealing Rubber

Three high-quality perimetrical rubber seals (on the frame and two on the ply) for ultimate watertightness, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Long lasting resistance without weathering and cracking.

Threshold water bar draught excluder

At the bottom crossbeam of the glass panes, we install an aluminium bottom step to drain the water. The new design ensures increased watertightness at the bottom of the frame in particularly adverse weather conditions such as those that have developed in recent years in our country. The outer part of the aluminium is also covered with a solid wood panel painted in the colour of the window.

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