About us

HAUFEN® has vast experience in wooden windows because it has been active in the industry since 1958.

Our company is of Greek interest and deals exclusively with the production and installation of integrated systems of wooden windows in high quality and durability. Our activity extends throughout Greece but also in many European and Balkan countries as well as in Cyprus.

Our principles

HAUFEN® wooden windows are manufactured in state-of-the-art technological units in the European Union, which adhere to stringent raw material and production specifications, without ignoring or disrupting the traditional product philosophy.

Over the years, HAUFEN® has embraced the traditional architecture and the aesthetic culture of every Greek region and in combination with the know-how it possesses, HAUFEN® managed to enjoy the preference of the most demanding customers and to be the first choice in our country.

The company has the necessary organization in administrative and technical personnel as well as the necessary logistics infrastructure so that it can serve any project of any size or geographic location.

We invite you to explore the following pages to get to know us better. Discover why we stand out as both a manufacturer and a quality service company. We invite you to visit us to get to know and join the large family of happy customers of HAUFEN®.


For 60 years, HAUFEN® has been exclusively engaged in the sale and installation of certified wooden frames.

We offer:

  • Fully equipped showroom with service and sales department.
  • Technical advice and planning by experienced staff.
  • Visit to the building to measure and fix all technical parameters.
  • Construction of windows in a state-of-the-art industrial unit in the desired dimensions and in the type and design that the customer will choose.
  • Consistency in delivery time, quality and certified products.
  • Secure transportation and unloading anywhere in Greece or abroad.
  • Installation by qualified personnel using certified mounting materials.
  • Delivery of completed project with written protocol.
  • Written, 10-year, documented warranty.
  • Solvency and collaboration with after sales services and support.

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