Entrance Doors

A wooden front door highlights the elegance of a home and gives a sense of luxury.

HAUFEN® wooden front doors technically follow the 68mm classical profile of the glass panes so that we achieve top performance in safety, watertightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation.


Grade A’ Malaysian Dark Red Meranti (550 kg/m3), dried at 9° to 11°C moisture. For some types of entrance doors, it is imperative to use plywood instead of solid wood in order to achieve optimum durability.

More information about timber available here.


Cross-section 68 x 140mm from 3-ply laminated wood or 68mm thick plywood grade A’ coated (Rohling).

Glass panes

(where applicable)

Double heat-insulating energy crystals with composition 4mm / 16 / 4mm Low-e with argon gas filling.

Uw=1,0 (W/m2K), Rw=36dB.

Decorative raised panels

Solid wood panels or plywood with natural veneer. There are a lot of wooden designs, classic bizhuits, prismatic, flat, patterned or other types on order.


Cross section 68 x 81mm from 3-ply laminated wood.


Roto or Maco multiple point lock, three or five locking points with automatic locking, ball type, “parrot” etc. Electric opening on lock also available. The hinges are heavy type adjustable in three directions.

Sealing Rubber

Two high-quality perimetrical rubber seals on the ply, for ultimate watertightness, sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Water draught excluder or automated rubber

At the bottom of the frame (in the marble) we install aluminium bottom step to ensure insulation against water leaking. Alternatively, an automated rubber can be placed at the bottom of the sash to keep the marble “free”. The option to install an automated rubber does not provide water tightness and there is no corresponding guarantee of the door sealing.

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