Rolling shutters

HAUFEN® has a wide range of exterior rolling shutters made of wood or aluminium.

Wooden rolling shutters

They are the traditional version of the rolling shutters that we encounter mainly in neoclassical buildings. They are the most elegant version of rolling shades and therefore much more expensive.

The enclosure is made of solid wood or plywood.

The guides are made of solid wood in profiles as required for each individual case.

They are driven by electric motors.

The grilles are made of solid wood.

All wooden shutters are made upon request and follow the technical and aesthetic requirements of each project.

Aluminium rolling shutters with polyurethane filled grilles

Aluminium guides and enclosure painted in RAL colours or imitations of wood.

They are operated by an electric motor.

The grilles are made of aluminium with polyurethane filling. This type is an economical solution of low cost and aesthetics and is particularly suited for light-duty small shutters at residential buildings.

Aluminium rolling shutters with aluminium grilles

Aluminium grilles and enclosure painted in RAL colours or imitation wood.

Electric or manual drive with strap.

The rolling shutter is made of aluminium. The use of aluminium in the shutter provides increased durability and aesthetics suitable for quality constructions. This type of shutter covers from small openings up to heavy-duty, large-scale constructions.

With great lighting and ventilation capabilities. Security that comes close to the steel constructions but with the particularity that the aesthetic result matches with homes but also with garage doors.

Special design that provides up to 15% more lighting and ventilation. The customer can choose the design of the perforation.

The grilles are flat and the result is aesthetically excellent. The finest option for flat-type grilles with the possibility of mixed construction (exterior and overhanging) and also with the possibility to use it as a garage door

In electric-powered constructions, rings and safety pins are always used on the shaft for silent operation and anti-theft protection.

Rolling shutter automation

In cooperation with Somfy, we install shutters programmable and remotely operated from wherever you are.

Life is much simpler when all you need is to press a button. And with an RTS engine you can get the full comfort of the remote control. You do not have to walk around the house. All your shutters are controlled from the same point – a really connected home!

Automatic limit settings

It guarantees perfect opening and closing over time.

Obstacle scanner

Stops the motor automatically when it senses an obstacle on its way.

Ice protection

Stops the motor automatically when the grilles are frozen.

Vandal proof

Thanks to rigid connectors, the shutter cannot be lifted from the outside. The security level can be increased by installing hardened connectors (can withstand 100kg).

You are ready for a fully connected home with home-motion technology.

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