Athens Showroom

HAUFEN® showroom extends into two floors totaling 650m2.
It is an excellently designed exhibition space that has been highly commented by the whole press as being particularly impressive and unique across Europe in the wooden windows.

Our showroom has specially shaped sections that were created and decorated with taste and represent traditional areas of our homeland.
Real representations from houses on an island – mountain – neoclassical, but also minimal aesthetic, come to life in front of you by exposing HAUFEN® wooden windows in a truly unique environment.
In all constructions, genuine materials of local areas were used and framed with similar decoration, with old furniture, bed linen, beds, etc.
In our new exhibition area, the visitor can fully understand his needs and draw tips not only for his new wooden windows (doors, windows, shutters, balcony doors) but also for his whole house in general.
The space exudes the high quality and unparalleled aesthetics of the HAUFEN® wooden windows, as well as the confidence that the buyer derives from his cooperation with our company.

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